Meet The Team

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Christopher is eXyo’s regulatory lead and has been since 2014. During this time Christopher has led two successful EU MDR compliant clinical evaluations, and has built experience evaluating remote healthcare solutions under the EU MDR. Christopher is also the authorised representative for unsensorised BA.


Andrew is eXyo’s product development lead, designing and bringing rehabilitation products to market and has been since 2014. Andrew responsibilities also include business development and branding. Most recently, Andrew led eXyo to win Innovate UK funding for, and successfully deliver, projects worth more than half a million pounds, including a SMART grant.


Jonathan is eXyo’s manufacturing lead, applying manufacturing excellence gained from experience with Rolls Royce plc in the Aerospace and Nuclear sectors. Jonathan installed and manages eXyo’s: ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System, inhouse prototyping/ testing capability, technical package development process and supply chain strategy; turning eXyo’s designs into production ready products.